. SQL Server 2016 install. Install SQL Server 2016 using the failover cluster installation wizard on both VMs. Assign an IP address for the virtual network name. Again, these steps are the same as when creating a FCI on premises. Below is a screenshot of the end result for my installation. We chose the Evidian SafeKit high availability product because it is an easy to use solution. It is implemented on standard servers and does not require the use of shared disks on a SAN and load balancing network boxes. It allows servers to be put in remote computer rooms. In addition, the solution is homogeneous for Linux and Windows platforms. Shared disk failover avoids synchronization overhead by having only one copy of the database. It uses a single disk array that is shared by multiple servers. If the main database server fails, the standby server is able to mount and start the database as though it were recovering from a database crash.. ... PostgreSQL Development of shared disk.

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